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by bianca 



Who am I?


Hi My name is Bianca and I'm so glad your considering Alex & Isabel LLC for your special event! 


I'm a licensed cosmetologist of 9 years specializing in Bridal Hair and Makeup in SWFL. I've worked with 200+ brides and don't plan on stopping anytime soon!

 I specialize in Soft Glam Makeup and Effortless Romantic Hairstyles.

I love extended education and always make sure to be up to date with current trends, techniques and applications!

Here are some of the classes and workshops Ive taken:

Moroccan Oil Academy Bridal Hairstyling

Danessa Myricks Editorial Makeup

Gulnara Chekoeva Russian 3D Hairstyling

P.Louise Makeup Online Education

Kristina Gasperas Academy Online





Bridal Hair Styling

Hairstyle of any choice except Russian 3D.


Brides $150

  Bridesmaids $100

Mother of Bride $90

Junior* $50+

*Juniors are 13 years old and younger

***Blowdrying  is not included with hairstyling as it takes up too much time on the schedule! Client(s) must have their hair fully dry updo arrival.

 Makeup & Airbrush


Makeup Services come with under eye pads, toner,

lip mask, choice of NATURAL or SOFT GLAM ,

customized foundation, lashes & lipstick.

TEMPTU Airbrush Makeup has  24 hour last,

is water resistant and transfer-proof.

Brides $150 /with Airbrush $175 

 Bridesmaids $100 /with Airbrush $125

Mother of Bride $95 /with Airbrush $120

Graduation/Birthday Makeup $85

Commercial, EXTRAS & Travel Fees

On Site Commercial Video and Photo Shoot Hair & Makeup

hourly rate $100 

Wedding Onsite Touch Ups Hourly Rate $100

(Touch ups for all booked clients only)


Orlando & Kissimmee Areas $125

Miami Areas $125

South Beach Miami, North Orlando, North Tampa $150

Tampa Area $100

 Naples $100

Sarasota $75

Estero, Bonita Springs, Fort Myers $75

Port Charlotte, North Port, Venice Counties $50

Client is in charge of toll & parking*

Wedding Party Packages


Bridal Hair & Makeup $250 (120 mins)

Bridal Hair & Airbrush  $300 (150 mins)

Bridesmaids Hair & Makeup $200 (60-90 mins)

Bridesmaids Hair & Airbrush $225 (90-120 mins)

MOB/MOG Hair & Makeup $180 (60-90 mins)

MOB/MOG Hair & Airbrush $205 (90-120 mins)

My experience with Bianca as my bridal hair and makeup artist was phenomenal. My hair and makeup was beautiful and exactly what I wanted. Communication leading up to the day of the wedding was really great. She was fun to be around and really made me feel comfortable - exactly what I needed on my wedding day.

Erica M on Thumbtack


Policies & Expectations

These policies have been put in place not only to protect myself and my business , but also the client. Once the Formal Invoice has been emailed and the 20% nonrefundable deposit has been paid, the client is expected to adhere and uphold the following policies.


Once the Invoice has been emailed, and deposit paid, no services can be removed! Client is in charge of handling said issues and will be charged according to the ORIGINAL INVOICE TOTAL.


The Client is in charge of paying the 20% nonrefundable deposit As Soon As Possible! If the client does not pay the deposit, the Invoice and appointment may be canceled at ALEX & ISABELS  DISCRETION.


All prices have been discussed prior to sending the Invoice and listed on the Invoice as well. Client is in charge of the WHOLE INVOICE, regardless if wedding party is paying individually! I will not be assisting in partial payments, or split payments as it can become complicated. CLIENT MUST HANDLE PAYMENTS ON THEIR END.

IMG_1317 2_edited.jpg


A huge part of what I offer my clients is 24/7 Customer Service. With this in mind, I expect a timely response when communicating with my Clients. Clients that don't respond back within 3 DAYS are at risk of having their Invoices Canceled!!!


If clients arrive late their appointments may be reduced in time or canceled if not enough time is allowed. ALEX & ISABEL is not obligated to accomodate late guests once the time arrival/finish is set!


Bianca and her team always bring great energy and proffesionality! We expect the clients to do the same and be courteous whenever interacting with us. IF A CLIENT IS DISRESPECTFUL THEY ARE AT RISK OF FORFEITING THEIR APPOINTMENT WITH NO REFUND!


Clients can expect several things from Bianca & team such as;

  • 24/7 Customer Service! You can always reach Bianca thru call, text or email and receive a response within 24 hours.

  • FLEXIBILITY! I understand that things happen, I am always happy to do anything within my power to help with any unexpected issues as long as it does not break a policy.

  • Bianca will help place veil after schedule is finished if requested. If the finish time is earlier than when the veil is needed to be placed, Bianca will inform one of the wedding party members on how to place and remove veil.

  • If for whatever reason the Client is not satisfied with the services, Bianca will stay onsite and adjust the style until Client is 100% satisfied!


(941) 993-4717

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